There’s a lot of content out there — and a lot of ears trained to tune it out. To a sophisticated audience, raising the volume won’t help. By harnessing the power of originality, narrative, and insight, Hassard Fay ensures that the thinking our clients publish differentiates them from their competitors and spurs action.

Smarter. Not louder.



Documentary video

It’s a truism that people enjoy getting information through video; the real question is what kind of video is best suited to your particular goals. The documentary format — featuring interviews with experts inside and outside an organization — conveys both credibility and depth. So for an important story that needs to persuade its audience, documentary is very often the most effective way to tell it.


While the details of complicated issues or systems often need to be explained in text, conveyed as an infographic an explanation becomes much easier to understand, remember, and share. Done well, infographics are one of the most powerful tools for transmitting ideas to a wider audience — whether those ideas are as tangible as a manufacturing process or as intangible as a financial derivative.

Content strategy

Content programs aimed at sophisticated audiences can be powerful — but they’re never free. So it’s essential to design programs that are focused on an organization’s most important topic areas, reach their intended audiences, and are sustainable over the long haul. Saying “no” to most ideas, in order to be able to say “yes” to the right ideas — after all, that’s what strategy is all about.


Selected Work

Package: Technology platform vision
Documentary: Finance After Blockchain
Infographic: Technology capabilities
Documentary: Toronto Made, Toronto Found
Documentary: Resume Whitening
Infographic: Legal insights
Idea graphic: Animal deaths on the roadway

Selected Clients




Ian Mason

Managing director

Ian Mason is a filmmaker, graphic designer, writer, and content strategist. He has produced short documentaries on topics ranging from urban planning to resume “whitening” to blockchain’s likely impact on finance. Prior to founding Hassard Fay, he spent more than a decade as a management consultant, advising senior executives and boards on corporate strategy and governance, designing and project managing complex services, publishing influential white papers, and delivering numerous seminars. He has long experience in content and communications, writing and directing videos for Accenture, editing the general interest magazines SCOPE (see scope-mag.com) and GRAVITAS, and working as an ideas-focused freelance journalist for publications like The Boston Globe, The Globe and Mail, The Spectator, and The Times Literary Supplement. He also mentors aspiring entrepreneurs in Ivey Business School’s New Venture Program.



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