At Hassard Fay we’ve long promoted the value for clients of developing a strong and well-thought-out point of view, and then expressing it in different ways through a “package” of formats — an approach that offers different avenues of access into an issue so that a person can choose the one that most resonates with them, helps audiences understand a topic more thoroughly and from different angles, and maximizes the impact and reach of a single core investment in idea development.

Interac Association, a world leader in debit card and digital payments services, worked with Hassard Fay to launch Principles of a Modernized Payments System, which was developed to help its wide community of partners and collaborators understand the guiding principles the organization uses to set its technology direction. The launch package contained three formats.

First, a ~1-minute teaser video featuring the AVP responsible for the platform and its product set. The video does not discuss the principles themselves, but focuses on describing the market and technology context that makes the principles relevant and important, on summarizing his vision for the future development of faster payments, and on explaining why sharing their principles will benefit their partners and the industry as a whole.

Second, a 12-page white paper (16 pages including cover) setting out in full the five guiding principles used by the organization as it navigates toward its vision for faster payments. Available online as a PDF, the paper was also designed to be saddle-stitch printable on demand for physical distribution at conferences and to key partners.

Download the paper here.

Third, a set of infographics explaining the principles visually. Not only do they support the text of the white paper by providing an alternative route to understanding its concepts, but they engage the curiosity of a reader who has opened the document for the first time and is quickly skimming it. Importantly, the infographics also represent opportunities to share the principles over social media, both conveying the ideas to wider audiences and attracting viewers to the paper itself.

All of these assets were brought together and hosted on Interac Association’s landing page for the Principles, which acts as a focal point for traffic and for further exploration once visitors arrive. The full text of the white paper and its infographics are also presented there in HTML, encouraging link sharing and searching.

A powerful technology vision — and three ways to access, understand, and share it.

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